Sports Massage on Dee Dee

Dear Auntie Marion,

I would like to thank you for helping me to get better after my accident!! I was very stressed and in a lot of pain, my Mummy was worried because I was still limping a long time after I should have recovered!! After the lovely massage you gave me (I daren’t let anyone else touch my leg except for my Mum, but I knew you were trying to help, so I let you!) I soon started to feel better, that night I was still stiff but by the next morning I was already walking better!!
I even managed to put myself into position so that you were mending ‘just the right spot’.
By the time you had given me the second massage, I was barely limping and have never looked back since!!
I am now back to my old self and enjoying life and walkies to the max!! THANK YOU Love and licks from Deedee xxxx 🐾🐾

P.s I know that every time you visit my Mum now, it’s not to see her, it’s really just to come and see me and massage my leg that isn’t even poorly anymore!! That is why I NEVER stop asking you, ALL THE TIME YOU ARE HERE!! ha ha! xxxxxxx