“Leo has been going to Marion for over a year now. He gets excited for his walks, and being our only pet, it’s great to know he has that opportunity to socialise with other dogs. It’s lovely to receive photos & videos of what he gets up to on his mini adventures with Marion. He always comes back content and sleeps for the rest of the day. Leo is in safe hands under Marion’s care and we are happy we have found someone we trust to look after him.”


George & Missy

We’ve known Marion for over five years, ever since we brought home our Toller puppy George. When we needed a dog walker, We invited Marion to our home where she spent some time with us finding out all about George, and answering (to our complete satisfaction) all the questions we asked her. This didn’t stop me worrying about my little puppy the first time Marion took him out (I admit to being like a new mum leaving her baby at nursery.) Marion soon put my mind at rest by sending me photos of him whilst he was out enjoying himself running around with the other dogs. After that I worried no more. The following year we adopted Missy, a Cocker Spaniel who is the same age as George. Now both dogs love going out together with her. Marion really cares about the pets she looks after, and we have always found her very reliable, friendly, and helpful. 5 star service.



“Izzy has a lot of energy so it’s great to have a reliable service to help ensure she gets plenty of exercise and can socialise safely with other dogs on a daily walk. When we have gone away it’s peace of mind that Izzy is with someone who she knows and loves to spend time with.



“We have used Marion’s services for over 5 years since Buddy was a puppy. Buddy absolutely loves Marion and his walks with her and the other dogs in his gang. He often hears the van driving up the road and gets excited in anticipation. We sometimes think the weekends are a disappointment to him when we walk him.
Marion has never let us down and always walks Buddy come rain, shine or snow! During Covid times her attention to staying Covid Safe has been exemplary.

Alistair & Nicola


“Marion has been looking after Connie for us for several years now and we trust her implicitly. Connie really enjoys her walks and loves Marion to bits! “



I can’t recommend Marion enough. She is so knowledgeable and safety is her number one priority. You can tell she love’s our Dougal, and he is so excited to see her. She is very flexible, and has helped me out many times. Don’t know what we would do without her.



Marion looks after our Labrador Riley whenever we go away, I can tell Riley absolutely loves going just by the way she races to Marion’s van ! We’d be lost without her


Sports Massage on Dee Dee

Dear Auntie Marion,
I would like to thank you for helping me to get better after my accident!! I was very stressed and in a lot of pain, my Mummy was worried because I was still limping a long time after I should have recovered!! After the lovely massage you gave me (I daren’t let anyone else touch my leg except for my Mum, but I knew you were trying to help, so I let you!) I soon started to feel better, that night I was still stiff but by the next morning I was already walking better!!I even managed to put myself into position so that you were mending ‘just the right spot’.By the time you had given me the second massage, I was barely limping and have never looked back since!!I am now back to my old self and enjoying life and walkies to the max!! THANK YOU Love and licks from Deedee xxxx 🐾🐾
P.s I know that every time you visit my Mum now, it’s not to see her, it’s really just to come and see me and massage my leg that isn’t even poorly anymore!! That is why I NEVER stop asking you, ALL THE TIME YOU ARE HERE!! ha ha! xxxxxxx

Rocky and Molly

I have been using Marion’s dog walking and dog sitting services for around 5 years. She is totally trustworthy and reliable. I have complete peace of mind when my dogs are with her and the dogs love her – think they would like to move in with her.



Rosa loves her walks with Marion. Our first impression of Marion after our contact meeting is that she was very professional, with a very organised set up, and she really loved the dogs she walked. This gave us confidence in Marion’s experience. Rosa has only been going out with Marion for 2 months so far but she’s been 100% reliable and I couldn’t fault the service. Really takes a weight off, knowing she’s out having a great time with her dog friends while we are at work.



Marion has looked after our cat Dottie for a number of years now and she has been great.
Dottie gets lots of cuddles and Marion is always obliging to water my plants also.
I would not hesitate to recommend her services.



Billy loves his walks with Marion… and is a little bit in love with his mate, Stan!
That aside, it’s great to have a really reliable, experienced hand to help exercise the wee fella when things get busy or we’re out for longer than we’d like to leave him. Marion is lovely with the dogs, really knows what she’s doing, and takes them on great runs in lovely places. For us this has given our rescue poodle cross a chance to have some socialisation with other dogs too rather than always walking alone with us. Marion also stepped in when we were out very late and had Billy to stay for the afternoon and evening after a walk. Great, flexible service, and good value too: much appreciated in this household. 🙂



Fantastic service, could not ask for any better. Great way for our puppy to be socialised with fellow dogs in a safe environment. Our dog looks forward to walks with Marion!!



My dog had his first outing with Marion today… She went out of her way to accommodate me / help me out of a tight spot with him and while I’m sure he wasn’t the easiest guest, she even found the time to send me a text to let me know that he was okay. He is happily snoring away now and like him, I am going to have a good night’s sleep knowing that he will be in Marion’s hands for the next couple of months. Faultless service from a very obviously animal person!!!